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C & R Home Builders

Larry and Diana Heiken

We cannot be happier that we chose C&R Builders to build our home.

We moved here from central Illinois and this is the 4th home we have built. C&R listens to you and will build what you ask for. The part we value is that they will make suggestions to build you a quality home that will be cost efficient for you in the years to come by presenting you with factual information to make your decision. They are always positive.

We had interviewed 6 different construction companies to build our home. When we awarded it to C&R, 1 of the companies asked who will build our home. When we told them C&R, they told us that if they were to lose the project to anyone, they didn’t mind losing it to C&R. They told us that we are in great hands and will be very happy with their quality. That says a lot when a competitor will endorse C&R like that.

While our home was being built, our neighbors continually told us how impressed they were with how many hours the crews are putting in and how clean they kept the construction site. The attention to every detail the entire Branton family and their employees exceeded our expectations. Every aspect of the build was like each craftsperson was building their own home and shortcuts were unheard of.

We feel that we didn’t only get a high quality home, we also have new friends who made you feel very welcome to the area.

Larry and Diana Heiken