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Home Building: Stages of Construction

Home Building: Stages of Construction

Thinking of building your new home?  C & R Builders, your Conway Custom Home Builders, can take you through the process– the from planning to building, to interior finishing and design.  Here are the 8 main stages of construction when building a home:

  • 1. Obtaining Permits
  • 2. Home Site Preparation
  • 3. Foundation
  • 4. Framing & Carpentry
  • 5. Mechanical Systems
  • 6. Exterior Finishes
  • 7. Interior Finishes
  • 8. Landscaping

If you are ready to plan your new home, and are looking to build, call your custom home builders of Conway, SCC & R Builders— at (843) 365-2487.  We are building quality homes at affordable prices.