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Building Your New Home

C & R Builders in Conway is your professional home-building team through all the stages of building your new home. We work with our clients from the initial planning process (choosing a community, designing the right floor plan for your family), construction and building, adding in your custom design selections (lighting, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and more), to the final inspection.

C & R Builders thinks everybody in America should be able to own their own home. That’s the reason our motto is “Quality homes at affordable prices.”

Eric & Evan Branton, grew up in the Conway area and plan to live out their lives there. They know the residential and commercial buildings they build will be part of the landscape that they see often, and nothing less than attractive buildings built to the highest standards will do.

When Dave and Beverly Wilson were searching for someone to build their permanent home, they quickly recognized C & R Builders honesty and integrity. That was very important to the Wilsons, who were living in Connecticut and could not be around during the building process. They came down to select the plans, came back just before the sheet rock was put in, and didn’t see their home again until it was completed. “We were confident enough to allow our attorney to do the closing without me or my wife having to make another trip,” Dave said. “It was just a wonderful experience. It couldn’t have been better if I had been there every day.”

The country home that C & R built for Vickie and Andy Autry is on land that has been in Vickie’s family for five generations. “It wasn’t like I could just sell it and move,” she said.

Vickie waited 30 years, until Andy retired from the Air Force, to live in the home of her dreams. “This is my dream home. I love my house,” she said. “C & R Builders is very meticulous.”

C & R Builders not only strives to satisfy homeowners, they strives to build lasting friendships with them. “We’ve always had the policy that, after the house was built, we could be invited back as friends, and not just the guys who built their house. ”

Tom and Millie Robertson are satisfied clients who count themselves among C & R Builders friends. Tom took pictures of the construction of their home from the beginning through the completion. Building his home was a real challenge, he said, adding’ “I’m a perfectionist. I want perfection. Nothing else will do.”

C & R Builders likes to create colorful homes, and the Robertson home is a good example of how colors come together to make the homes more attractive. Five different paint colors were used on the walls. Tom’s office is lavender with deep ruby carpet. The master bedroom suite features a 12-foot vaulted ceiling. This room, which is painted impressionist sky, has beige carpet and double French doors that open into the master bath, adding to its striking elegance.

C & R Builders suggestions for changes in the original plans, such as replacing three transom windows with one large arched window, added a lot to the beauty of the home. “It really is a good-looking house now. I can’t find a thing wrong. Everybody who has looked at it absolutely loves it,” Tom said.

The subcontractors who worked on Tom’s home are some of the best he has ever seen. “C & R has quality subs that care. They pay attention to what you say, and they do it,” Tom said.

Eric & Evan say, “We basically use the same subs all the time. It gives us a lot better quality control, and we found, through the years, that it works a lot better for us.”

When a home is completed, they give the homeowner a list with the names and phone numbers of the subcontractors who worked on it, and his subcontractors are quick to respond to problems. “our homeowners feel comfortable knowing that somebody will be there to take care of any need that arises”.

Marty Lawing, administrator for the City of Conway, said he and his wife Susan are very happy with their home. Custom oak cabinets in the kitchen match the floors in the living room and in the foyer, where a cathedral ceiling and a Palladian window add to the overall beauty. “When the house was finished, he gave us a list. Fortunately, we haven’t had to call anybody,” Marty said.